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Distance vector protocol, but Cisco prefers “hybrid. Distance vector prevention mechanisms may be in place (e.g. split horizon).

classless protocol finds best path through network using bandwidth and delay. Delay is a static configuration under “router conf mode”. Adjusting weights, not recommended:
metric weights K1 K2 K3 K4 K5
0 1 (bw) 0 (load) 1 (delay) 0 (reliability) 0 (mtu)

EIGRP dual algorithm (SPF) is the only routing algorithm that keeps a feasible successor route. Successor (Primary), Feasible Successor (B)

Cisco proprietary.

conf t
router eigrp 500
no auto-summary

sh ip int br
sh ip protocols
conf t
access-list 3 deny
access-list 3 permit any
route-map rip-2-eigrp
match ip address 3
router eigrp 500
redistribute rip metric 1500 0 255 1 1500 route-map rip-2-eigrp

sh ip route

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