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My IBM x3650 M3 server won’t boot after I after I attach to SAN

October 18, 2011 1 comment

Problem: I’ve recently come across this problem after installing a new OS on an IBM x3650 M3 server with Redhat. After the installation, I attached the host onto the SAN and presented it with LUNs. However, when I rebooted the server, the Linux splash screen/kernel did not come up. Presumably, the system was trying to boot from the SAN.

Solution: To fix this problem, you have to go into the UEFI options, by hitting F1 when the IBM splash screen shows. Modify the “Boot Options” to include “Legacy Devices” and move it to the top of the “Boot Order.” Be sure to save your settings, then continue. After this, the local disks could be sensed again and booted from.

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