Internal Routing Protocols RIP, EIGRP

defined in RFC 1058, redefined in version 2 RFC 1721, 1722, 1723
-MD5 authentication
-external route tages
-multicast route updates
-VLSM support (classless)

conf t
router rip
show ip protocols (see version 1,2)
router rip
version 2
show ip protocols (only send/rcv v2)
int e1/0
ip rip send version 1 2
router rip
passive-interface s0/0.2 <– suppresses hello pkts from in/out, stops neighbor adjacency
passive-interface e1/0
router eigrp 2000
passive-interface s0/0.1
passive-interface s0/0.2
router eigrp 2000
redistribute rip metric 1500 0 255 1 1500
router rip
redistribute eigrp 2000
redistribute eigrp 2000 metric 2

# Using directed unicast to neighbor on RIPv2
conf t
router rip
# defining neighbor will only send unicast for RIPv2
neighbor x.x.x.x

# Route filtering option, offset-list, if you can't use filters
offset-list 1 in 14 <– adds 14 metric to routes, if you want to filter it out, 15 hops and it is declared dropped

# set timers
timers basic 60 180 240 360 <– if you want to increase bw efficiency, but increases convergence time as well

# Forcing a router to use EIGRP external broadcast routes injected by defining specific networks
conf t
router eigrp 2000
no network

# Using distribute lists to filter routes
conf t
access-list 50 deny
access-list 50 permit any
router rip
distribute-list 50 out s0/0.1

debug ip rip

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